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The Rodney D. Young Story

In 1952, Dallas businessman Rodney D. Young thought it was unfair for people to be denied standard car insurance just because they couldn't afford it. Or just because of a few bumps in their driving or credit records. That was the beginning of Rodney D. Young Insurance, a pioneer of alternative auto coverage.

Then in 1980 the state of Texas passed a compulsory minimum auto insurance law, and thankfully for many Texans with limited resources or poor driving records, Rodney D. Young was there, offering annual, semi-annual, even monthly policies that everyone could afford.

The idea proved successful, and after the company developed special software to handle increased volume and the unique complexities of servicing short-term policies, Rodney D. Young expanded throughout Texas, and then into midwestern states with similar compulsory auto insurance laws. Today, with offices in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas Rodney D. Young remains a leader in the auto insurance field.

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